“Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists.” This line from Sparrow Folk’s brilliant song, “Ruin Your Day,” is so ludicrous it’s funny, right? But at the same time it makes a poignant point.

I have often admired people who are able to use humor to tackle close-mindedness. The image of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in drag queen make-up at the Prague Pride Parade last summer draws more attention to gay rights than an angry sign could.

Similarly, The Canadian Institute for Diversity and Inclusion’s hilarious ad, “The Games Have Always been a Little Gay” (featuring a two-man luge team getting – ahem – “close”) already has over 3 million YouTube viewers considering the backwardness of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Furthermore,I often see how people soften and re-consider when my husband, who is of South Asian descent, responds to racism with a witty, funny comment (while I silently seethe). I don’t know how he does it, but I witness first hand how humor has the ability to change minds without the target audience of the message even knowing it.

This week I was further reminded of the power of humor to change the world. If you haven’t laughed your butt off yet at Sparrow Folk’s wise video, “Ruin your Day,” check it out. And may laughter rule the world.

Ruin Your Day – Sparrow Folk from GCNelson on Vimeo.

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  1. John S Green

    Humor is huge!!! I just wrote my entire latest post with this absolute point. Great karma! Many experts in early childhood miss the deep gratitude embellished in a good healthy sense of humor. Nice post.


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